What’s in my Carry-On Bag?

You know that other smaller bag you saw in the last post? Yeah, that’s our Carry-On or, as Emylee says, our Day Bag. This is what will be used daily to hold anything deemed essential for each day exploring but without the extra bulk and worry.

Keep it known that we’ll keep this specifically at a certain weight for the round-trip flight for Dublin to Edinburgh and back. Basically make it at least appear super light or like a purse.

We say this because you are only allowed ONE “carry-on” on the flight as well as your purse or whatever is wrapped around you. If this can’t work for you, you’d have to check in your bag and pay extra.

Anyway, here is what each voyager has and intends to have with them on the flight in addition to majority of the time.


  • $12 sunglasses I got from a thrift store
  • iPod
  • iPad
  • Droid cellphone
  • Fugifilm camera
  • one journal for writing whatever comes to mind
  • pens
  • makeup for any S.O.S. situations
  • Peter Pan…such a great book!
  • passport & travel wallet
  • rosary
  • trail mix & candy corn (for Halloween/Samhain)
  • contacts
  • hand sanitizer
  • gum
  • first aid kit
  • deodorant & body mist



  • Nikon D800 – while the size and weight can be a little cumbersome, the quality of this full frame camera makes it a must carry for me.
  • Prime 50mm lens and shade – this was a choice that took a deal of consideration for me. I usually want to have a lot of versatility in my lens, but because most of the images I’ll be taking will be landscapes and large castles, I chose a prime lens. This also means that my pack isn’t weighed down by a large lens.
  • Samsung Tab E
  • Samsung S6 phone
  • tablet & cell phone dual charger
  • gas station sunglasses – sadly I forgot my favorite ones at home.
  • umbrella
  • ear buds/headphones
  • handkerchief
  • travel wallet & my passport
  • 2 tubes of hand lotion
  • almond butter packets for snacking
  • face mask to block light, blow up neck pillow, ear plugs set.
  • custom-molded ear plugs
  • flash drives & adapter – I download images from my phone to free up space.
  • comb
  • hand sanitizer
  • gum & tick tacks
  • chapstick (I have a serious addiction to this stuff. I have 14 at home…I only brought 3 though)
  • lip stain
  • oil blotting sheets
  • pen, just in case
  • glasses – airplanes dry out contacts…boo.
  • my Nana’s ashes – my beloved Nana passed away this past April. Her family was from Ireland and she visited many times. So, she is going with me on my first trip.



  • Adrienne Vittadini sunglasses
  • red HP laptop
  • Sony CyberShot digital (somewhat old but still good) camera
  • two journals–one for writing ideas & other for travel writing
  • makeup
  • pens
  • one book–Alexandre Dumas’s The Count of Monte Cristo
  • iPhone (not pictured)
  • headphones
  • phone, camera & laptop chargers
  • passport & travel wallet
  • tarot/oracle cards–I like getting feedback on anything (I have another deck at home too)
  • medication


One thought on “What’s in my Carry-On Bag?

  1. I think it is interesting how much the overall content of each of your bags differ, while some things stay the same. Emylee (my Mom <3) prioritizes comfort, evident in her mini sleeping/comfort eye mask and pillow set, as well as her photography by way of her camera and lens. Katie prioritizes her note taking and her overall comfort, obvious in her inclusion of many chargers/earphones/electrical devices, as well as her journals and pens. Moriah lands somewhere in between the two of you, for the most part. She prioritizes her comfort by packing emergency makeup and deodorant, while also lending concern to photos by including a camera which lands between Katie's and my Mom's, not to mention she only brings one journal and fewer pens than Katie. You guys are all different people, and you have all found what works best for you individually, and it's interesting to see how alike you guys are, while still remaining as clear individuals.


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