What’s in my Pack?

That is simply what this post entails. Anything and everything we consider necessary for the next three weeks plus one or two luxury items.

Keep in mind that everything stored in each (big) pack is within flight regulations, being at and/or 22 pounds each, to have above us when we’re seated.

Emylee–Osprey, product made in U.S.A., 65 liters

8 shirts (2 tank tops), 2 pairs of leggings/yoga pants, 2 jeggings/jeans, 2 bras & 7 pairs of underwear, flip-flops, hand sanitizer, toiletries/perfume(s), 6 pairs of socks, comb, medication, travel towel and pillow, fleece blanket, sneakers, hair dryer, travel flat iron, laundry sheets, contacts, camera strap and chargers, energy converter/adapter, combination lock.

Katie–Mountaintop, product made Unknown, 70 liters

7 shirts, 4 pairs of leggings/yoga pants, 1 pair of jeggings/jeans, 3 bras & 7 pairs of underwear, flip-flops, hand sanitizer, toiletries/perfume(s), first-aid kit, 6 pairs of socks, hair-ties, brush, medication/cream, towel, fleece blanket, sneakers, combination lock, energy converter/adapter, glasses case, travel guide book

Moriah–Deuter, product made in Germany, 70 liters

4 tank tops, 3 flannels, 3 long sleeve undershirts, one sweater, 1 pair of leggings, 1 pair of jeans, 1 bra, 8 pairs of underwear, flip-flops, toiletries, laundry sheets, 7 pairs of socks, hair-ties, brush & comb, towel, sleeping bag, travel pillow, gloves/hat/scarf, locks, umbrella, combination lock

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