The Deal of a Lifetime: WOW!

WOW AirThis couldn’t come at a better time. For those of us looking to travel as far as possible this year, WOW Airlines has recently announced that they will be beginning flights from New York to Europe! According to this article, flight service will not begin until May 2018, however tickets are on sale now!

I started with checking out the WOW Air website and sure enough they are offering discounted fares from not just NYC, but from Cincinnati, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Boston and more! Being in a “quasi land-locked” state (Ohio), with our nearest international airport (Columbus) not offering affordable flights overseas, we often have to make the 2 hour drive to Cleveland or Cincinnati to either take a train to NYC or end up driving all the way to NY! So this is the deal of a lifetime! img_20171113_121359_6371092636267.jpg

According to the article, the destinations for the special fares are limited to the following cities:

  • Paris (CDG)
  • Amsterdam (AMS)
  • London (STN)
  • Frankfurt (FRA)
  • Dublin (DUB)
  • Copenhagen (CPH)
  • Berlin (SFX)

Do not allow that to deter you! Not only do these destinations offer some truly awe inspiring grand adventures, but many are also near enough to other destinations to simply hop on a train, ferry or another flight that will connect you to other countries! For example, you can catch a train from London to Edinburgh, round-trip fares being right around US$100, depending on the day, time of year and time of day you travel. The train journey only takes a little over 4 hours to Edinburgh Waverley station, which is located near Edinburgh Castle. The rail system throughout Europe is well organized and fairly easy to navigate, so you can connect to all the cities your heart desires.

Even though the special rates are only offered to certain cities, the fares listed for other cities are comparable or less expensive than what we have been seeing trending for these destinations as of late.

It is important to note that these special fares come with restrictions. With these fares you are allowed one personal item which measures 17x13x10 inches. You do have the option of purchasing the ability to include a carry-on or checked baggage. It is crucial to measure, weigh and pre-purchase any carry-on or checked luggage allowances before arriving at the airport as these rates are significantly higher at the airport and gates. You can find their information for baggage limitations here.

Get out there in 2018! WOW Airlines could be your way to see more of our great big world!

“Keep your heart open, a suitcase packed and wander always, for the world is wide and adventure awaits.”



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