Dublin on the Cheap: 10 Free or Nearly Free Things

The list of things to see in Dublin, Ireland is seriously extensive. If I listed all of them on a rolled up piece of paper it would tumble to the ground and roll away when extended. It is easy to rack up a tab with all the entry fees and tour costs as you try to soak in as much of the unique culture of this amazing city.  However, there are also some great places to see for no more than 10 – 15 Euros, with many being free. Here is a list of 10 free or nearly free things to do in Dublin.

  1. Chester Beatty Library – Free
    • If you are a lover of art and literature, head on over to the Alfred Chester Beatty Library where you can see ancient books, scrolls, paintings, furniture and photography. The library is located on two floors of Dublin Castle.
  2. National Museum – Free                                                                          DSC_6335-1
    • Entry to this museum is free and you can find a collection of Celtic and Medieval treasures. Carvings, bones, metal works and bog bodies.
  3. Phoenix Park – Free
    • Go for a walk in one of Europe’s largest urban parks and pet the curious deer!
  4. Dublin Castle – Mostly Free IMG_20161119_221549
    • Not all parts of the Castle are free to visit, however The Chapel Royal, Garda Museum and Revenue Museum are free.
    • Guided Tours – Adult 10 Euros/ Student 8 Euros
    • Self Guided tour – Adult 7 Euros/ Student 6 Euros
  5. St. Patrick’s Cathedral – Adult 6.50 Euro (Student 5.50 Euro) DSC_6373-1
    • Beautiful Anglican Church to walk around, take photos and even stay for Mass if you like.
    • “Traditionally Saint Patrick is the man credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland. Very little definitive information is known about his life. However, according to legend he used a well somewhere in the general area of the Cathedral to baptise new converts to Christianity. At the start of the Twentieth Century Celtic grave slabs were found at the entrance to what is now the park next door to the Cathedral. These stones have been dated to approximately the Tenth Century AD. One of these stones covered the entrance to an ancient well and it is possible that this is Saint Patrick’s Well. However very little is known for definite about where he travelled and what he did; in reality there are thousands of sites around Ireland who claim a connection with the saint.” – St. Patrick’s Cathedral Website
    • Saint Patrick baptized people into the Christian Faith on the site in 450 AD.
      • 5.B – Christ Church Cathedral – Adult 6.50 Euros (6 if booked online)/ Student 5 Euros
      • “The earliest manuscript dates Christ Church Cathedral to its present location around 1030. Dúnán, the first bishop of Dublin and Sitriuc, Norse king of Dublin, founded the original Viking church, which was probably subject to the archbishop of Canterbury. By 1152 it was incorporated into the Irish church and within a decade the famous archbishop Laurence O’Toole had been appointed. This future patron saint of Dublin began a reform of the cathedral’s constitution along European lines and introduced the canons regular of Saint Augustine forming a cathedral priory, which was to survive until the Reformation following the liturgical use of Sarum (Salisbury) in England.” – Christ Church Cathedral Website
  6. Trinity college – Long Room & Book of Kells – Adult 10 – 13 EurosDSC_6203-1
    • See the famous long room and the stunning Book of Kells (no photos allowed of the book.)
    • “The Book of Kells Exhibition is a must-see on the itinerary of all visitors to Dublin. Located in the heart of Dublin City, a walk through the cobbled stones of Trinity College Dublin will bring visitors back to the 18th century, when the magnificent Old Library building was constructed and which displays the Book of Kells. ” – Trinity College Dublin Website
  7. Dublinia – Viking &  Medieval Dublin – Adult 9.50 Euro (Student 8.50 Euro)
    • Explore Dublin’s Viking history!
  8. Glasnevin Cemetery – 10 Euros /13 Euros
    • History Tour Adult/Student 10 Euro (Includes Museum entry)
    • Dead Interesting Glasnevin tour Adult 13 Euro / Student 10 Euro
    • Literary Irish figures have been laid to rest here.
  9. Kilmainham Goal – Adult 8 Euro / Student 4 Euro
    • A truly moving experience. The Jail opened in 1796 and closed its doors in 1924
    • This is the prison that housed the leaders of the rebellions of 1798, 1803, 1848, 1867 and 1916.
    • This is the site of the executions of the leaders of the Easter Uprising of 1916
  10. Dublin Writer’s Museum  – Adults 7.50 Euro
    • Opened in 1991 and features those who have made an integral contribution to Irish literature.
    • Patrick Swift, Reginald Gray, Edward McGuire, James Joyce, George Bernard Shaw, William Butler Yeats, Patrick Pearse & Harry Kernoff.

If you are a college student, be sure to travel with your school identification card as you can often get a student discount! Saving just 1-3 Euros on entry can add up and with all the walking, you will certainly want to settle in for a stew and a pint! (We recommend JW Sweetman and dined there twice last year!)

“Keep your heart open, a suitcase packed and wander often for the world is wide and adventure awaits.”

~ Emylee

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