Birds of a Feather: Travel in Groups

If you aren’t one for solo travel or aren’t yet ready to take that leap, finding others to travel with you will be an enriching experience too! Finding that right person or people is the crucial first step and you should consider everyone’s quirks and hangups when compiling your group. It can be a bit overwhelming to add others to your travel plans, as it means sharing the time with their vision for the trip as well. But this doesn’t have to be a negative thing.

  • Traveling with others opens a whole bunch of options for you!
    • Lodging can be shared and therefore the cost is too! You can share a budget lodging and save some money, or you can upgrade to a nicer place with more bells and whistles while spending the same amount you would have on your own! 20161028_104121-1
    • Your companion(s) may be willing to share the treats and new experiences with cuisine so you don’t break your budget trying to sample all of the local delicacies! If you choose to stay in a location that allows for meal preparation as your lodging (like AirBnB) then you split the cost of a grocery store trip too!
    • You have someone to build memories with and reminisce about the trip later! Reliving those moments, sharing in the new challenges and excitement of new places is even more fulfilling with someone to share in them!
      • Traveling with someone can draw you closer and strengthen a friendship or relationship.20161101_162613-1 While it is true that travel can “make or break” a relationship (of any kind) as it can bring out our worst selves when we are tired, sore, stressed and hungry, it is also true that traveling can bring us closer! You know the best and worst of someone when you travel with them. You see them at their least glamorous but you also see them at their best! Taking in the new with curiosity, an open heart and joy!
      • Solo travel brings a lot of self realization and honestly, traveling with others does too! Having someone to talk to can help you to tap into those deep places that travel takes you.
      • Inside jokes!

        This slideshow requires JavaScript.

        Traveling with at least one other person means inside jokes to laugh about for years to come!

      • Fresh ideas on things to do! The more people looking into what to see and do in your selected destination, the more options you find! You might know of a handfull of things you want to see or do in a new country or city, but with a friend who has different ideas and “must see” places, you will find yourself stepping outside your own “box” of ideas and gaining even more life-altering experiences!

Get out there with your best friends and loved ones and take in all the world has to show you!

“Keep your heart open, a suitcase packed and wander often for the world is wide and adventure awaits.” ~ Emylee

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