Day Trippin’ : Edinburgh

When traveling to a new location, it can be easier to station yourself in one central location and make day trips to the surrounding areas. This is one of my favorite things to do as it means I don’t have to drag luggage from train to cab to airport to train every time I go on a mini adventure.This way, I can leave my valuables locked safely away, and enjoy all the knew sights without worrying about keeping an eye on my bags or having to change lodging every couple days.

It can be difficult, however, to gauge just how far you can actually venture in a single day or how much you can truly manage to see. Here are a few easy day trips from one of our favorite cities, Edinburgh!

  1. Tour!
    • Ok, I know we have posted about the wonderful tours offered from Edinburgh before. However, this method is by far the simplest way to see many historical and cultural sites that are not as easily accessible without hiring/renting a car and driving yourself. With a tour, you have a local guide who tells you stories, shares experiences, historical facts and answers all your questions!
  2. Glasgow
  3. Aberdeen
  4. Falkirk
  5. Borders Train
    • Step back in time to when steam engines were the best mode of transport and fall head over heels in love with the grandeur of Scotland’s beauty.
      • Departs from Waverley station and travels along the Boarders.
      • Choose a few stops along the way and explore the heart of Scotland.
  6. Stirling Castle
  7. Wallace Monument

There are lots of hikes you can do in and around Edinburgh as well. So, if you are more of the outdoorsy type, or just want to try your hand at it, check out Calton Hill and Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh.

“Keep your heart open, a suitcase packed and wander often for the world is wide and adventure awaits.” ~Emylee

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