Dressing the Part Without Sticking Out

Fashion is exciting, it allows us to express our unique personalities through something so seemingly simple as what we put on our bodies. However, there are times where we need to avoid sticking out like a sore thumb and not draw too much attention to the fact that we are tourists. Naturally, we want to be true to ourselves, but we do want to avoid wearing the equivalent of a giant sign that says “Pickpocket me” or “Take Advantage”.

With a little research, it isn’t too difficult to determine what is the appropriate attire for the weather in your destination. However, there are other things to consider as well such as modesty expectations, religious laws or requirements for visiting certain venues as well as trends or classic staples of fashion for the country.

Regardless of the country you are visiting, avoiding overly bright, super short (ladies) or low-cut (ladies) attire for most cases is usually the best bet. In many countries, flip-flops are beach or pool attire, and sneakers are for heavy walking or playing sports. This doesn’t mean to leave them at home, but you should be sure to also pack something else to wear. It is also a good idea to choose a color scheme to stick to, and select interchangeable items to make many outfits.

In all, neutral colors and fairly modest clothing that is comfortable to move in but is not lounge wear will be the way to go. Beyond that, be yourself!

“Keep a suitcasepacked, your heart open and wander often for the world is wide and adventure awaits.” ~ Emylee

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