Adventure: Road trippin’ to Boston

Bittersweet. If I had to choose one word to best describe this next adventure, that would be it. New beginnings. It means closing a chapter and starting a new one, but sometimes it comes with some tears.

This next Sunday, the two of us will embark on a road trip of nearly 800 miles from Columbus, Ohio to Boston, Massachusetts. I’m sure there will be tears, though maybe not until it comes time for me to head home to Ohio, alone.

Long road trips are nothing new for me, nor is adding in the factor of moving cross-country (or across oceans for that matter). While daunting and a bit overwhelming at times, there are a few planning tips and tricks that I have learned over the years which not only ease the stress a bit, but will ensure that memories are made along the way. Because isn’t that the point of life and adventure?

1. Know your route!

  • Mapping it out using Google maps or TripTiks from AAA is a great way to plot it out and make sure that you are aware of things like construction, tolls or road closures on your route!
    • TripTiks has a great feature that allows you to select scenic routes, attractions, hotels, roadside oddities, gasoline and restaurants along the way. This allows for a designated stopping point every 2 hours or so as well as things to see!
  • If you have more than one driver, be sure to stop and change drivers every 2-3 hours…4 at absolute most. This ensures that everyone is refreshed and rested.
  • If you only have one driver, stop every 2 hours (TripTik will suggest that they insert these stops along the way for you). It is important to get out, stretch your legs and take a couple laps around the rest top!

2. Pack snacks!

  • A small cooler with bottled water, healthy snacks and easy meals like instant oatmeal are great ways to not blow the bank on fast food…or your waistline!
  • Keep sweets to a minimum and make sure most of your beverages hydrate you.

3. Entertainment!

  • Ok, who doesn’t love a good bit of fun on a road trip?
    • Play a game!
      • The Alphabet Game – Start with ‘A’ and find a word that starts with it in road signs, billboards, vehicle wraps or businesses you pass! Then move on to the next letter!
      • Scavenger Hunt – Print out some game boards (like this one found at or make your own!
  • Music play lists!
    • Make a play list for the evening hours of driving that is lively and full of energy, this will help to keep you alert while on your last leg for the day!
    • Make a list with some mellower music for the afternoon hours when one driver is napping and the other is driving.
    • A play list for sing-a-longs!
      • Showtunes
      • ballads
      • rock
      • pop
  • Audio books!
    • An audio book to listen to in the quiet times in the car is a great way to make progress on the novel you are reading while not getting car sick!
    • Comedy show recordings are another option too!

Our journey will take us 2 days as we are pulling a trailer with all of Katie’s worldly possessions. Once in Boston, we will spend a couple days running around, enjoying the city and getting her bearings in her new hometown.

Follow along on Instagram and Twitter as we turn the page and close the chapter on living 20 minutes apart to begin this next one, 777 miles apart.

“How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” ~ Winnie the Pooh



“Keep your heart open, a suitcase packed and travel often, for the world is wide and adventure awaits.” ~ Emylee





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