We are back!

Like many people, the last 2 years put a bit of a damper on our ability to explore the depths of our travel bucket lists. Our adventures have largely been relegated to trips around New England or Ohio, lots of bookstore runs, and vats of coffee. Which are some of our favorite adventures, of course, but they don’t fulfill the yearning to wander through airports and breathe in new places. With the world beginning to awaken and travel opening to farther corners for us, we are refocusing ourselves on travel, and the stories that inspire us.

In many ways, things have changed greatly for us individually. Katie returned to Ohio back in March of this year, and is hard at work on the second installment in the series to follow her first published work, Virago. She is also continuing to write A Year With December, which she began writing before even completing Virago. A Year With December can be found here. Katie just finished reading: When Wishes Bleed by Casey Bond and is currently reading: American Royals by Katherine McGee.

Emylee has been taking a hiatus from writing for a bit; focusing on raising chickens and dogs, home projects, and lots of reading. This isn’t to say that no writing has been happening, just not any significant time spent on any larger projects. She has, however posted a few new pieces to her profile on Vocal.media, which can be found here. With eight books read in the last month, however, the writing juices are starting to flow and characters are starting to chatter. The books Emylee read this month were: The Five by Hallie Rubenhold, The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, The Last Wolf by Maria Vale, Claimed by JR Ward, Devoured, All Over You, Absorbed, and Consumed (all four) by Emily Snow. Emylee is currently reading: The Library of the Unwritten by AJ Hackwith.

We are in the process of planning our next big adventure for the fall, England! Our “must see” list is growing by the minute, and we are narrowing down, plotting, planning, and reworking maps and schedules, trying to fit it all in. I’m sure we won’t see it all, but we tend to take this approach when planning, narrowing it down until it is perfect.

In the winter of next year, we will be headed back to New England for a short weekend trip to show a friend one of our favorite Massachusetts cities, Salem. While we have spent many weekends strolling around this historical town, we are looking forward to some of the restored places, sites we haven’t seen in a while, and sharing the history of this area with our friend.

Tune in for all the latest!

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