About Emylee

20032113_10155615116384515_2555851319093253763_nPhotographer, writer, singer and aspiring professional vagabond. An Ohio State University alumnus with my B.A. in English & Creative Writing. I’ve always been a writer and a reader of all types of literature. Born & raised on the sunny beaches of Southern California to hippie parents, I’m inspired by nature, architecture and my own personal heritage when writing. Most of my fiction is set in places I’ve lived or to which I feel an ancestral link. My non-fiction tends to follow the raw and sometimes uncomfortable experiences I, or someone I’m close to, have survived.

I’m the “mother” of our little duo, not just because I’m actually a mother (I’m also a wife), but because by nature I’m that friend you can always count on to offer advice, comfort, encourage, insist you text me when you arrive home and kick your butt into gear when needed. I’ve had the privilege to live overseas and travel much of my life, so as I near the next chapter of my personal story, I am excited to spread my wings a bit and allow my gypsy soul and hippie heart lead me towards my aspirations. The location matters not to me. I want to see it all, smell it all and touch the world’s farthest points.


Go-To Drink(s):

Grande Iced Coffee (with 3 pumps of SF vanilla)

Whisky & Rum


Outlander Series, The Great Gatsby, Trimalchio, Fat Girl Walking, The Stars of Ballymenone, Much Ado About Nothing, Pride & Prejudice, A Rose for Emily (short stories can count right?), The Gallaghers of Ardmore Trilogy, The Hiding Place, Through the Looking Glass, Secret Garden, Screwtape Letters, Peter Pan, just to name a few.


Celtic, German & Viking Folklore, Medieval History, WWII & Civil War history, Disney things (I used to work at Disneyland), Art, Music, Theater, Homeopathic Health (Herbs & Oils), Japanese culture & art, Road trips!


Diana Gabaldon, Nora Roberts, Edgar Allan Poe, Shakespeare, William Faulkner, Emily Dickinson, Ray Badbury, C.S. Lewis

What Do You Enjoy Most About Writing?

The pull of the page and the near compulsion to put on paper the ideas and stories that infect my mind. It isn’t a choice for me to write or not, it is something I feel I have to do.

What Do You Look Forward to Most in Upcoming & Current Adventures?

To finally see and touch the places that I have dreamed of, or felt an ancestral pull towards. A vagabond with intense wanderlust and fernweh, I am looking forward to finding more of myself while getting lost in the adventure.