About Katie

~Every adventure is a chance to live the way you dream.~

I’m a fellow Ohio State University alumnus with a B.A. in English & Creative Writing. I’m a forty-year-old woman trapped in a twenty-something-year-old’s body; in other words, I’m an old soul, more specifically an indigo child, who views the world differently from the average millennial. An original personality.

In other words, watch out; as a force to be reckoned with, I’m one of the rarest kind of people you’ll find.

With that being outlined, I conclude myself as unconventional, evolved, and a nonconformist. A handful. One who has been fortunate to surround herself with others who identify themselves in the same light and embrace it. My fellow travel conspirator, book dragon, coffee worshiper, and shenanigan partaker, Emylee is one of them. She is the sister I always wanted and needed–more than I’d like to admit–and the loyal yet sassy best friend incarnate you see in rom-coms. The one where the line blurs between friendship and family.

Raised in the Midwest by baby boomers, I lived well with plenty of opportunity and love from the German and Italian sides that crowd my life. My family is big, nosy, and unconditional, and yelling is loving. I was brought up to own up to my individuality and take charge of my life.

So in 2018, I decided to move to Boston due to an unexpected job opportunity unrelated to writing. Eventually, circumstances changed for the better. In my librarian chair, I sit typing away at my secretary desk as often as possible if at-home distractions don’t get the better of me. With a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter, an apple pear in hand, and bottomless coffee as fuel. When I’m not writing, my common pastimes include reading, bingeing sitcoms and re-runs, and scrolling through Pinterest for ideas. On the side, I keep tabs on my research too. It comes with the territory when writing about the historical roots of Arthurian legend (in a fictitious plot). Authenticity is crucial. The first installment of the series, Virago, is complete and available on all major eBook retailers and on Amazon as a paperback. Currently, I am writing my recent standalone novel, A Year with December, where its first ten episodes are available live only (and a new episode ready weekly) on Kindle Vella through the Kindle app. I will proceed onto the sequel to Virago towards the end of Fall.

Aside from historical fiction, I explore a multitude of genres; contemporary, thriller, romance, as well as fantasy and sci-fi brewing on my Google Drive.

In regards to novelties of life, I aspire to live in the U.K. (and other places) with a personal library, rooming with a big black German Shepherd and some Scotties. Learn Italian and Jiu Jitsu, and master my French. Have an herb garden and a British 1st edition of A Christmas Carol. To dine under the lemon trees of Restaurant da Paolino in Capri. Hike the circumference of Cadbury Hillfort in Somerset. Ride the alpine slide of Kandersteg in Switzerland. Glacial kayaking in Vancouver. Just to name a few. All the while stumble upon a man to share these endeavors with as well as entertain, annoy and molest for the rest of our lives.


While I remain to New England, my personal library is the roommate to my home office. No pets yet due to complex regulations.

Since September of 2020, I subscribed to Duolingo. Not only have I begun learning Italian and brushing up on my French, I took on studying the Danish and Latin Languages for research, advanced communication, and intellectual curiosity.

Travel restrictions are a bit hazy at this time, so I keep to myself and to my native land otherwise.


Go-To Drink(s):

Vanilla Almond Café Americano

Gimlets & Limoncello



Jane Eyre, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Historian, Outlander series, This Man series, A Christmas Carol, Big Girl, Fangirl, Your Soul is a River, Sir Gawain & the Green Knight, Rochester, Richard the Third & Macbeth (plays count too)


Mythology, Western Astrology, Interpersonal Intelligence/Myers-Briggs (ENTJ, right here), Christmas, Spirituality, Tarot/Oracle, French Existentialism, Sketching/Painting, Druids culture, Arthurian literature, Celtic & Dark Age history, British history & literature, history of the Holocaust, Dogs & Wolves.


Jodi Ellen Malpas, Nikita Gill, Rainbow Rowell, Nora Roberts, Alexandre Dumas, T.H. White, Dan Brown, Simone de Beauvoir, Cassandra Clare

What Do You Enjoy Most About Writing?

The fact that writing a story, a good original story, cannot be planned. It comes in bouts of inspiration and randomness, and when you’re lucky enough to get a moment like that, you become consumed in it. After the scene is typed on the screen, you want to go back and read it over and over.

What Do You Look Forward to Most of Upcoming & Current Adventures?

To put my restlessness to good use, put aside the ‘what-ifs’ of life, and take action. To get lost in a place that expands my perspective. To attain new opportunities of any kind. To experience moments that inspire narrative.