All That We See & Don’t See

October 22 to October 23, 2018, London, England Not gonna lie but I had doses of anxiety brimming the surface, even, in a matter of speaking, in my chest. When one thing doesn't go as planned, at the very least, I get annoyed. Then eventually I begin questioning every little thing and then comes the … Continue reading All That We See & Don’t See

The Tower & The Stage

Day Two: October 21, 2018, London, England To make a commitment to various spots on your travels, I honestly think it helps when they're booked in advance. Flights and hotels aside, of course, as they are deemed mandatory. I say this because if certain attractions weren't scheduled online ahead of time, I, particularly, may have … Continue reading The Tower & The Stage

From Bean Town to London Town

Hey it's Katie. I'm back from London and each post will be a day-by-day account. So here goes... Day One: October 19th to October 20th, 2018, Boston Logan to London Gatwick So my plans had a major setback: my initial flight through Primera Air and got canceled at the last minute. Without any proper … Continue reading From Bean Town to London Town

And Beside the River was Sherlock

October 6, 2018, East Haddam, Connecticut After waking up later than I anticipated (again), I started my day out with googling "places to see in New England". I scrolled down to one of the more popular results from Two Drifters that stated, "101 Things to Do in New England". Going through the extended list, I … Continue reading And Beside the River was Sherlock

On the Stone Path to Montague

September 22, 2018, Montague, Massachusetts Long time, no write! It's Katie...the one who moved away to Beantown. Just to be clear, I'm not gone-gone from the blog. But long story short, I've had a lot going on since the move and even before that so I'm going to try to be more available! Now onto … Continue reading On the Stone Path to Montague

Through the Lens: Capturing What You See

It can be a challenge to take what you see, in all its magnitude and splendor and click that shutter to hold it firmly in your grasp for eternity. The colors, the textures, the way the light casts its warm glow in some places and leaves the untouched pieces bathed in mystery, sometimes don't seem … Continue reading Through the Lens: Capturing What You See

Packing 101: When to start?

You have selected your destination and your date of travel. You've booked your travel and lodging, but you are still months away from your trip and you feel it might be too early to pack...but is it? The short answer is "never". The long answer is more of a "well, it depends". Personally, I employ … Continue reading Packing 101: When to start?