Cold Weather Blues: Destinations – Puerto Rico

If you live where the wind hurts your face 4 or more months out of the year, cold destinations are not always on your must-see list during those months. Being a born and raised California girl, I do love my warm sand between my toes and the salty ocean breeze on my skin. I do … Continue reading Cold Weather Blues: Destinations – Puerto Rico

Templars, Dickens’ Chair, & Arthur

October 25, 2018, London, England Thursday was a miscellaneous day where I tried to play catch up, or make any final trips before I head back tomorrow. With there being no concrete plans, I ended up leaving my hotel room with an Uber at about 12:30. The first stop was to see Temple Church, one … Continue reading Templars, Dickens’ Chair, & Arthur

Golden Shades of Twain

November 3, 2018, Hartford, Connecticut For once, I got up when I actually anticipated. I think it's because of scheduled itinerary; if I have to be somewhere at a certain time, subconsciously my mind and body make sure I perform in that acquired, timely fashion. Due to that performance, I headed back down to Connecticut … Continue reading Golden Shades of Twain

And Beside the River was Sherlock

October 6, 2018, East Haddam, Connecticut After waking up later than I anticipated (again), I started my day out with googling "places to see in New England". I scrolled down to one of the more popular results from Two Drifters that stated, "101 Things to Do in New England". Going through the extended list, I … Continue reading And Beside the River was Sherlock

Dublin: What to do, Where to eat?

Dublin is a lively city with different cuisine and activity options. If you like traditional Irish foods, there are many choices for that. Likewise, if you are a history buff, you will find a wealth of options to fulfill this obsession as well! In our next installment for this series, we have outlined several of … Continue reading Dublin: What to do, Where to eat?