Travel & Language: Overcoming the Barrier

Traveling to countries where you don't speak the local language can be intimidating and a little bit scary. I find it is often tempting for travelers to stick to locations where their own native tongue is the common language. While this certainly makes traveling easier, it greatly limits your options for destinations. As a native … Continue reading Travel & Language: Overcoming the Barrier

Apps: Prepping for all that walking!

Travel has this way of exciting the soul and intoxicating the mind. The all encompassing joy that starts to flow through your being when the planning stage begins can distract and occupy the mind completely. What to wear, what to see and where to stay? Perhaps you are like me and you make lists, the … Continue reading Apps: Prepping for all that walking!

Apps: Your Personal Travel Agent

Let’s face it. The digital age has dawned and has settled for some time now. Our smart phones and tablets are as essential as the wallet and keys we carry day-in and day-out. They’ve given us unlimited access to the unfamiliar and yet-to-be explored. So much so that our screens can give us enough courage … Continue reading Apps: Your Personal Travel Agent