Cold Weather Blues: Destinations – St. Thomas USVI

Growing up in Southern California I spent so much of my childhood at the beach. Being a redhead, I spent it slathered in sunscreen every couple hours, under the umbrella, fighting my mom about wearing a hat when none of my siblings were forced to, and playing in the surf. I love to swim, body surf, … Continue reading Cold Weather Blues: Destinations – St. Thomas USVI

Cold Weather Blues: Destinations – Puerto Rico

If you live where the wind hurts your face 4 or more months out of the year, cold destinations are not always on your must-see list during those months. Being a born and raised California girl, I do love my warm sand between my toes and the salty ocean breeze on my skin. I do … Continue reading Cold Weather Blues: Destinations – Puerto Rico

Literary Travels: Boston

Boston, and the surrounding areas, is by far our favorite New England spot thus far. Every time we find ourselves seeking adventure in this city, we find new and exciting things to return to. Undoubtedly, Boston is well known as a historically significant place. It is here that many of our nation's beginnings were birthed … Continue reading Literary Travels: Boston

Templars, Dickens’ Chair, & Arthur

October 25, 2018, London, England Thursday was a miscellaneous day where I tried to play catch up, or make any final trips before I head back tomorrow. With there being no concrete plans, I ended up leaving my hotel room with an Uber at about 12:30. The first stop was to see Temple Church, one … Continue reading Templars, Dickens’ Chair, & Arthur

Golden Shades of Twain

November 3, 2018, Hartford, Connecticut For once, I got up when I actually anticipated. I think it's because of scheduled itinerary; if I have to be somewhere at a certain time, subconsciously my mind and body make sure I perform in that acquired, timely fashion. Due to that performance, I headed back down to Connecticut … Continue reading Golden Shades of Twain

The Tower & The Stage

Day Two: October 21, 2018, London, England To make a commitment to various spots on your travels, I honestly think it helps when they're booked in advance. Flights and hotels aside, of course, as they are deemed mandatory. I say this because if certain attractions weren't scheduled online ahead of time, I, particularly, may have … Continue reading The Tower & The Stage