Killing the Darlings: Editing Dilemmas

"In writing, you must kill all your darlings." ~ William Faulkner  Ok, so Faulkner wasn't the only one to have said this. In so many wordings, several writers over the centuries have expressed this piece of dreaded advice. Why do we view it as "dreaded advice"? Because we know it is true and must be … Continue reading Killing the Darlings: Editing Dilemmas

Details, Details, Details : Character Profiles

As writers we spend a lot of time inside the dark confines of our minds. We often take from the world and people around us to build tangible and realistic story elements. Our characters can often embody people we know well, which can get a little awkward. So, how do we create characters who are … Continue reading Details, Details, Details : Character Profiles

Fortress of Solitude: The Writer’s Sanctuary

Creating a space in which to write is crucial for us all, but it looks different for everyone. Whether you enjoy a truly solitary space without distractions or flourish within the chaos of busy bodies around you, creating a space that will inspire and feed your creativity is the key here. So, how do you … Continue reading Fortress of Solitude: The Writer’s Sanctuary

Tropes: They aren’t bad!

trope /trōp/ noun trope; plural noun: tropes a figurative or metaphorical use of a word or expression. a significant or recurrent theme; a motif. As writers we often try to shy away from things that may be seen as trope or even as cliches. They feel predictable and commonplace and as creatives we aim to … Continue reading Tropes: They aren’t bad!

Writer’s Block: A Death Sentence?

Oftentimes as writers we dread the thought of writer's block. The mere mention of the word can cause an uneasy sense of dread growing at the base of our spines,  with heart racing and clammy hands. The thought of sitting down to write and having our  minds go blank is like attempting to chat with … Continue reading Writer’s Block: A Death Sentence?

Write This Way: Is there a right process?

"Write drunk, edit sober." ~ Earnest Hemingway (or so they say) Run an online search for writing tips and the results are filled with links to articles and blogs telling you "How to be a writer", "Perfect Writing Process" or "The right way to write". Which leads to the question, is there really a right process? … Continue reading Write This Way: Is there a right process?

Vagabond Authors: Finding time to write!

For those of us who are compelled to write, it may seem that sitting down at our computer to hash out a few thousand words a day is an easy feat. However, anyone who feels the draw of the page can tell you, myself included, that no matter how beautifully you string together words, there … Continue reading Vagabond Authors: Finding time to write!