Inside Shawshank


Give me some time this week and I’ll elaborate with utter detail and plenty of snapshots!

June 23, 2017: The Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio.

Each wing has three levels and use halogen lights where they turn themselves off when they’re too hot: West wing–first completed area built and considered the luxury quarters (for white collar essentially)

East wing–each bunk two prisoners; one of them set themselves on fire to avoid dealing with their sentence; this same floor was where a ringing in my ear would persist and I’d go weak at the knees several times.

Solitary confinement–24 hours a day either it’s light or night for the prisoner and it’s considered “time stops” since this period doesn’t count towards their incarceration. No windows, tile walls, and essential needs were provided. They were given broth, water, and bread. More activity than in any other part of the reformatory.

Library–decayed and damp with a row of musty/damp books in an array on the information desk. No bookshelves in site–as an English major, my heart filled with dismay…

Warden & few other individuals’ quarters–some rooms where they were shot for Shawshank Redemption and Air Force One

Showers for both floors–minimal personal space for prisoners here

Church–ironically the more security-based room of all in the prison when active

Secondary room for church–a frayed mural of Christ on the wall and part of a set also used for Shawshank

Room for lineup–“toe the line” and where beginning scene of Dufresne’s arrival to shawshank; model and prop on display of the sewage pipe Tim Robbins crawled through to escape

Top floor–used for entertainment and governor visits

Current prison outside this former prison–yellow signs posted stating forbidden notice to take pictures of the actual prison (it’s literally meters away)

Got a pen and a pin (naturally)