Tropes: They aren’t bad!

trope /trōp/ noun trope; plural noun: tropes a figurative or metaphorical use of a word or expression. a significant or recurrent theme; a motif. As writers we often try to shy away from things that may be seen as trope or even as cliches. They feel predictable and commonplace and as creatives we aim to … Continue reading Tropes: They aren’t bad!

Travel XL: A Curvy/Plus-Size Guide

When you are curvy, plus-sized, thick or whatever you consider yourself to be, travel when you are larger than what is deemed "straight-sized" or "standard-sized" carries its own set of guidelines. I'm not talking about the unspoken "rules" that we seem to adopt when navigating the world. You know the ones I mean, take up … Continue reading Travel XL: A Curvy/Plus-Size Guide

Travel Mistakes: We all make them!

Whether a rookie or a well-seasoned traveler, we all make mistakes. Sometimes we overpack, others we might fail to plan appropriately for the weather. Here are some common travel mistakes and a few tips to avoid making them. Not packing a battery/power bank. Cell phones, tablets, laptops and camera batteries all die. Oftentimes you will … Continue reading Travel Mistakes: We all make them!

Staying Healthy While Traveling

Staying healthy while traveling can be a challenge. It doesn't seem to matter if you rarely get sick at home, even when the weather changes. When traveling, you are exposed to new environments, allergens and sometimes sicknesses which your body is ill-equipped with fending off. So, how do you avoid getting sick in new places? … Continue reading Staying Healthy While Traveling

Surviving a Sleepless Flight

Long-haul flights are easy to manage for some. They get to their seat, put in some earbuds and are snoring away while engines kick into motion, snoozing before take-off is even complete. Others find sleeping on a flight difficult. The coughing passengers, crying babies and the anticipation of arriving at your destination can make it … Continue reading Surviving a Sleepless Flight

Watching the Clock : Arriving at the Airport too late or too early.

Flying, it can be a dance of too early vs too late. Do you arrive 1 or 2 hours early for a domestic flight? What about international? What if the airport is really small? Do you still need to arrive that early?  It is a never-ending balancing act of arriving so early that you have … Continue reading Watching the Clock : Arriving at the Airport too late or too early.

Needing a Vacation from Vacation? Do less!

Cramming so much into a short time can leave us feeling drained. It happens to everyone. With that said, returning from an amazing trip can result in that "I need a vacation from my vacation" feeling. Which is why we often choose to have a buffer day--or more if you're like Katie and I--to recover … Continue reading Needing a Vacation from Vacation? Do less!

Cram it in: The only way to see it all?

Whether you are a meticulous scheduler or more of a spontaneous traveler, managing to see everything you want to see when traveling can be a challenge, particularly when time is scarce. The majority of Americans will only receive one or two weeks of paid vacation time per year. With a bucket list of dream destinations … Continue reading Cram it in: The only way to see it all?

Literary Travels: Boston

Boston, and the surrounding areas, is by far our favorite New England spot thus far. Every time we find ourselves seeking adventure in this city, we find new and exciting things to return to. Undoubtedly, Boston is well known as a historically significant place. It is here that many of our nation's beginnings were birthed … Continue reading Literary Travels: Boston