Templars, Dickens’ Chair, & Arthur

October 25, 2018, London, England Thursday was a miscellaneous day where I tried to play catch up, or make any final trips before I head back tomorrow. With there being no concrete plans, I ended up leaving my hotel room with an Uber at about 12:30. The first stop was to see Temple Church, one … Continue reading Templars, Dickens’ Chair, & Arthur

The Tower & The Stage

Day Two: October 21, 2018, London, England To make a commitment to various spots on your travels, I honestly think it helps when they're booked in advance. Flights and hotels aside, of course, as they are deemed mandatory. I say this because if certain attractions weren't scheduled online ahead of time, I, particularly, may have … Continue reading The Tower & The Stage

From Bean Town to London Town

Hey it's Katie. I'm back from London and each post will be a day-by-day account. So here goes... Day One: October 19th to October 20th, 2018, Boston Logan to London Gatwick So my plans had a major setback: my initial flight through Primera Air and Kiwi.com got canceled at the last minute. Without any proper … Continue reading From Bean Town to London Town