Literary Travels: Boston

Boston, and the surrounding areas, is by far our favorite New England spot thus far. Every time we find ourselves seeking adventure in this city, we find new and exciting things to return to. Undoubtedly, Boston is well known as a historically significant place. It is here that many of our nation's beginnings were birthed … Continue reading Literary Travels: Boston

Dublin on the Cheap: 10 Free or Nearly Free Things

The list of things to see in Dublin, Ireland is seriously extensive. If I listed all of them on a rolled up piece of paper it would tumble to the ground and roll away when extended. It is easy to rack up a tab with all the entry fees and tour costs as you try … Continue reading Dublin on the Cheap: 10 Free or Nearly Free Things

Days Sixteen Through Twenty-One

Day Sixteen: November 11th, Edinburgh, Scotland to Dublin to Belfast, IrelandLast night did not go as well as I'd thought. Though I left somewhat earlier than Emylee and Moriah, I still couldn't sleep and end up finally falling asleep around two in the morning. Three hours later we were disoriented zombies using the bathroom light … Continue reading Days Sixteen Through Twenty-One