Templars, Dickens’ Chair, & Arthur

October 25, 2018, London, England Thursday was a miscellaneous day where I tried to play catch up, or make any final trips before I head back tomorrow. With there being no concrete plans, I ended up leaving my hotel room with an Uber at about 12:30. The first stop was to see Temple Church, one … Continue reading Templars, Dickens’ Chair, & Arthur

The Tower & The Stage

Day Two: October 21, 2018, London, England To make a commitment to various spots on your travels, I honestly think it helps when they're booked in advance. Flights and hotels aside, of course, as they are deemed mandatory. I say this because if certain attractions weren't scheduled online ahead of time, I, particularly, may have … Continue reading The Tower & The Stage

From Bean Town to London Town

Hey it's Katie. I'm back from London and each post will be a day-by-day account. So here goes... Day One: October 19th to October 20th, 2018, Boston Logan to London Gatwick So my plans had a major setback: my initial flight through Primera Air and Kiwi.com got canceled at the last minute. Without any proper … Continue reading From Bean Town to London Town

The Deal of a Lifetime: WOW!

This couldn't come at a better time. For those of us looking to travel as far as possible this year, WOW Airlines has recently announced that they will be beginning flights from New York to Europe! According to this article, flight service will not begin until May 2018, however tickets are on sale now! I … Continue reading The Deal of a Lifetime: WOW!