Winter Travel in a Carry-on?

Are you an over-packer? Not sure what you will need and what the weather will hold? The unpredictability of late autumn or winter travel can leave you stressed and with overstuffed luggage. Pushing the limits of your suitcase, leaving no room for souvenirs, or maybe even breaking weight limits on luggage restrictions, costing you money … Continue reading Winter Travel in a Carry-on?

Souvenirs: Now you have to get them home!

So you spent hours looking through shops and trinket stands for the perfect souvenirs. You've imagined yourself reliving the sights and scents of the scenes you've breathed into your soul each time this precious gem catches your eye when you get back to the realities of everyday life. You tuck them into your luggage and … Continue reading Souvenirs: Now you have to get them home!