Surviving a Sleepless Flight

Long-haul flights are easy to manage for some. They get to their seat, put in some earbuds and are snoring away while engines kick into motion, snoozing before take-off is even complete. Others find sleeping on a flight difficult. The coughing passengers, crying babies and the anticipation of arriving at your destination can make it … Continue reading Surviving a Sleepless Flight

Vagabond Authors: Finding time to write!

For those of us who are compelled to write, it may seem that sitting down at our computer to hash out a few thousand words a day is an easy feat. However, anyone who feels the draw of the page can tell you, myself included, that no matter how beautifully you string together words, there … Continue reading Vagabond Authors: Finding time to write!

Post-Travel Depression : Yes, it’s a thing

Your heart aches and your feet itch; the passport pages cry out to be stamped and your pack sits in a corner waiting to be unpacked from the day before. You are feeling the loss of the journey but your family and friends aren't feeling the pity. For some, post-travel depression sets in a week … Continue reading Post-Travel Depression : Yes, it’s a thing