Staying Healthy While Traveling

Staying healthy while traveling can be a challenge. It doesn't seem to matter if you rarely get sick at home, even when the weather changes. When traveling, you are exposed to new environments, allergens and sometimes sicknesses which your body is ill-equipped with fending off. So, how do you avoid getting sick in new places? … Continue reading Staying Healthy While Traveling

Cram it in: The only way to see it all?

Whether you are a meticulous scheduler or more of a spontaneous traveler, managing to see everything you want to see when traveling can be a challenge, particularly when time is scarce. The majority of Americans will only receive one or two weeks of paid vacation time per year. With a bucket list of dream destinations … Continue reading Cram it in: The only way to see it all?

Travel Protection: Do I really need it?

When planning a trip, it often comes up at the end of a booking process... Trip Protection. It may seem an unnecessary expense when you consider what has already been paid towards a trip, however in the end it may prove a worthy investment when you consider what might be lost in the event of … Continue reading Travel Protection: Do I really need it?