Golden Shades of Twain

November 3, 2018, Hartford, Connecticut For once, I got up when I actually anticipated. I think it's because of scheduled itinerary; if I have to be somewhere at a certain time, subconsciously my mind and body make sure I perform in that acquired, timely fashion. Due to that performance, I headed back down to Connecticut … Continue reading Golden Shades of Twain

4 Days in Galway: Where to eat & what to see!

When traveling on a budget, or a short time-frame, it can be difficult to narrow down what you can fit into your limitations. In an attempt to see as much of Ireland as we could, we split our time between several cities, giving us only 4 days in Galway. Places to eat: The Pie Maker … Continue reading 4 Days in Galway: Where to eat & what to see!

Days Sixteen Through Twenty-One

Day Sixteen: November 11th, Edinburgh, Scotland to Dublin to Belfast, IrelandLast night did not go as well as I'd thought. Though I left somewhat earlier than Emylee and Moriah, I still couldn't sleep and end up finally falling asleep around two in the morning. Three hours later we were disoriented zombies using the bathroom light … Continue reading Days Sixteen Through Twenty-One