Golden Shades of Twain

November 3, 2018, Hartford, Connecticut For once, I got up when I actually anticipated. I think it's because of scheduled itinerary; if I have to be somewhere at a certain time, subconsciously my mind and body make sure I perform in that acquired, timely fashion. Due to that performance, I headed back down to Connecticut … Continue reading Golden Shades of Twain

The Tower & The Stage

Day Two: October 21, 2018, London, England To make a commitment to various spots on your travels, I honestly think it helps when they're booked in advance. Flights and hotels aside, of course, as they are deemed mandatory. I say this because if certain attractions weren't scheduled online ahead of time, I, particularly, may have … Continue reading The Tower & The Stage

Dublin on the Cheap: 10 Free or Nearly Free Things

The list of things to see in Dublin, Ireland is seriously extensive. If I listed all of them on a rolled up piece of paper it would tumble to the ground and roll away when extended. It is easy to rack up a tab with all the entry fees and tour costs as you try … Continue reading Dublin on the Cheap: 10 Free or Nearly Free Things