Staying Healthy While Traveling

Staying healthy while traveling can be a challenge. It doesn't seem to matter if you rarely get sick at home, even when the weather changes. When traveling, you are exposed to new environments, allergens and sometimes sicknesses which your body is ill-equipped with fending off. So, how do you avoid getting sick in new places? … Continue reading Staying Healthy While Traveling

Bridging the Gap: When friends move away.

Life is full of chance encounters with other people on different paths in life. Sometimes you meet someone along the way and your paths run the exact same direction for a while. You bond, you laugh, you grow together...and then somewhere something causes their path to veer in a slightly different direction than yours is … Continue reading Bridging the Gap: When friends move away.

Birds of a Feather: Travel in Groups

If you aren't one for solo travel or aren't yet ready to take that leap, finding others to travel with you will be an enriching experience too! Finding that right person or people is the crucial first step and you should consider everyone's quirks and hangups when compiling your group. It can be a bit … Continue reading Birds of a Feather: Travel in Groups

Vagabond Authors: Finding time to write!

For those of us who are compelled to write, it may seem that sitting down at our computer to hash out a few thousand words a day is an easy feat. However, anyone who feels the draw of the page can tell you, myself included, that no matter how beautifully you string together words, there … Continue reading Vagabond Authors: Finding time to write!

Days Sixteen Through Twenty-One

Day Sixteen: November 11th, Edinburgh, Scotland to Dublin to Belfast, IrelandLast night did not go as well as I'd thought. Though I left somewhat earlier than Emylee and Moriah, I still couldn't sleep and end up finally falling asleep around two in the morning. Three hours later we were disoriented zombies using the bathroom light … Continue reading Days Sixteen Through Twenty-One