Killing the Darlings: Editing Dilemmas

"In writing, you must kill all your darlings." ~ William Faulkner  Ok, so Faulkner wasn't the only one to have said this. In so many wordings, several writers over the centuries have expressed this piece of dreaded advice. Why do we view it as "dreaded advice"? Because we know it is true and must be … Continue reading Killing the Darlings: Editing Dilemmas

Writer’s Block: A Death Sentence?

Oftentimes as writers we dread the thought of writer's block. The mere mention of the word can cause an uneasy sense of dread growing at the base of our spines,  with heart racing and clammy hands. The thought of sitting down to write and having our  minds go blank is like attempting to chat with … Continue reading Writer’s Block: A Death Sentence?